Unable To Store Job At Printer

PROBLEM. You try to print and receive the message "Unable to Store Job…Install Hard Drive" messages. The printer produces a form that says: Unable to store job at printer. Reason: Printer not configured to collate. Solution: Install EIO hard disk.

SOLUTION. If, in fact, you were trying to collate, install a hard disk.

If you were not attempting to collate, change the computer's printer driver settings for "Storage" (or "Collate" or "Mopy," depending on the model).

To collate without a hard drive, a printer has must work in piecemeal fashion. It receives a couple of pages at a time, prints them, requests more, and when finishing the document, starts the process over for the next copy. With a printer hard drive, the computer sends the job just once, saving time and network traffic.

To collate, the proper settings, “Storage” or “Collate” or “Mopy” (sometimes more than one of these), must be enabled. If they are turned off, the computer will send the job 10 times if it needs 10 copies.

This brings us to a common problem. If the settings just mentioned are turned on, but the printer does not have a hard disk drive, you will get an error message (usually in the form of an error page that prints after the first copy) saying the printer is not configured to collate and couldn't store the job. It also requests the installation of a hard disk.

People get alarmed by this and think there is something wrong with the printer, but in most cases, the printer is fine – it’s just being told to do something it cannot do. If you need to collate (or to store the job on the printer for some other reason), you will need to add a hard disk. But in most cases that we have encountered, people do not want to collate, and may not even be printing multiple copies. Often, the job is small enough that the printer wouldn’t need to store it anyway – but just having those settings turned on in the computer is apparently enough to cause the error condition.

So the solution is to go into the driver and turn off those settings. The details will vary between different printer models and operating systems. Basically, you need to get into the printer driver (in Windows XP, for example, you would click on Start, then Printers and Faxes, and then right-click on the printer icon to access the printer properties). Then go to Device Settings or Configure or Advanced Printing Features, and turn off anything that refers to job storage, collation, or mopying (“Mopy Enabled” or “Mopier Mode”). Once you do this, jobs should print normally.