Printer Tech Support

LPT offers free technical support to its printer parts customers weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST. The direct, toll-free number is 866-947-9295

HP LaserJet tech support and more

As our focus at Liberty is on HP printer parts, our expertise with HP LaserJet printers is of the highest caliber. We are also very familiar with Lexmark printers.

Unmatched Experience

Craig has worked in the laser printer parts industry since 1991, Eddie since 1997, and Shawn has professionally maintained IT equipment and printers since 1991.

How to Use LPT Tech Support

To expedite your call, please be able to tell us…

  1. WHAT is happening.
  2. WHEN it happens.
  3. FOR HOW LONG it has been happening.
  4. WHICH TESTS you have run.
  5. WHICH REPAIRS you have tried.