Samsung SCX-Series Printer Part Numbers

Part #Description
JB75-00299A SCX-1110 Adf-Roller
JB73-00052A SCX-1110F Adf Rubber
JB75-00300A SCX-1110F/Xrx, Xe P/U Roller Asm
JC96-03135A SCX-4100 Fuser
JC61-00929A SCX-4100 Pivot
JC66-00725A SCX-4100 Transfer Roller
JC61-00694A SCX-4114F Adf
JC63-00243A SCX-4114F Adf
JC96-02812A SCX-4114F Fuser 110V
JC97-01707A SCX-4114F Hinge
JC97-01709A SCX-4114F Holder Adf
JC97-01705A SCX-4114F P/U
JC66-01218A SCX-4200 Transfer Roller
JC66-00561A SCX-4216F Adf P/U
JC81-01717A SCX-4216F Adf Pba
JC39-00278A SCX-4216F Cbf Harness
JC92-01492A SCX-4216F Pba Sub Conn
JC97-02933A SCX-4500 Cassette
JC66-01436A SCX-4500 Gear Drive Fe
JC66-01435A SCX-4500 Gear Feed
JC97-02982A SCX-4500 P/U Roller
JC66-00729B SCX-4520 Heat Roller
JC97-02137B SCX-4520 Holder Pad Adf
JC96-03378A SCX-4521F Adf Asm
JC96-03414A SCX-4521F Fuser 110V
JC92-01684G SCX-4521F Liu Brazil
JC44-00093A SCX-4521F P/S
JC44-00097A SCX-4521F P/S Acdc 100V
JC97-02203A SCX-4521F P/U Unit
JC44-00090A SCX-4521F Smps Psp Type 3
JC97-02202A SCX-4521F, Cover, Front
JC92-01727A SCX-4521F,Sec,Usa,Op, Pba Sub-Whitney_Ope
JC97-02020A SCX-4720F Cassette
JC63-00505A SCX-4720F Cover Front
JC96-03210A SCX-4720F Fuser Lv
JC61-00953A SCX-4720F Holder M Lock
JC64-00154A SCX-4720F Knob M Locker
JC73-00194A SCX-4720F P/U Mp Roller R
JC96-04232A SCX-4725Fn Adf
JC97-02805A SCX-4725Fn Scan Upper
JC96-05133A SCX-4828Fn Fuser 110V
MLT-D209L SCX-4828Fn Toner Cart Blk
JC72-01319A SCX-4920 Actuator Exit R2
JC33-00014A SCX-4920 Solenoid-Feed Rocky2-,Dc24V
JC97-01940A SCX-4920N Adf Holder
JC97-01931A SCX-4920N Mea Unit Holder Pad
JC97-01962A SCX-4920N Mea Unit P/U
JC97-01926A SCX-4920N Mea Unit P/U
JC44-00070A SCX-4920N P/S
JC97-01917A SCX-4920N Tr Asm
JC72-00709A SCX-5100 Lever Stacking
JC97-03038C SCX-5133F Hinge
JC91-00925D SCX-5133F/5135F Fuser
JC66-01820A SCX-5135Nd Ppr Empty Actuator
JC97-01643A SCX-5312F Exit Asm
JC75-00145A SCX-5312F Exit Asm
JC96-02194A SCX-5312F Fuser
JC75-00148A SCX-5312F Transfer Roller
JC96-02814A SCX-5315F Fuser 110V
JC73-00163A SCX-5315F Rubber P/U Roller
JC73-00145A SCX-5315F Rubber Roller P/U
JC97-01577B SCX-5315F Tray Asm Mea Unit
JC97-02779A SCX-5330N Hinge
JC66-01191A SCX-5530Fn Actuator
JC96-03773A SCX-5530Fn Adf
SCX-D5530B SCX-5530Fn Black Toner
JC66-01173A SCX-5530Fn Feed Roller
JC96-03799A SCX-5530Fn Fuser 110V
JC96-03799B SCX-5530Fn Fuser 110V
JC96-03866A SCX-5530Fn Fuser Drive
JC66-01210A SCX-5530Fn Fuser Idle Gear
JC97-02443A SCX-5530Fn Idle Feed
JC66-01169A SCX-5530Fn Idle P/U Roller
JC66-01190A SCX-5530Fn Lever Act Dup Out
JC66-01189A SCX-5530Fn Lever M Actuator Feed
JC31-00037E SCX-5530Fn Main Step Motor
JC92-01755A SCX-5530Fn Pba
JC97-01962C SCX-5530Fn Pickup Unit
JC66-01195A SCX-5530Fn Pressure Roller
JC66-01181A SCX-5530Fn Transfer Roller
JC97-02652A SCX-5530Fn Transfer Roller
JC97-01940B SCX-5530Fn Unit Holder Adf
JC96-03783A SCX-5530Fn, Adf Motor
JC92-02071A SCX-5635Nd Pba Main
JC39-01500A SCX-5737Fw Flat Cbl (N
JC96-05378A SCX-5835Fn Dadf
JC61-01179A SCX-5935Fn Plate-M Whi
6107-001552 SCX-5935Fn Spring-Cs 3
JC96-03208B SCX-6220 Control Panel Asm
JC91-00923A SCX-6245 Fuser
JC61-01289A SCX-6245N Side Guide
JC96-02943A SCX-6320F Dadf
JC81-00426B SCX-6320F Dummy Upper
JC97-01846A SCX-6320F Holder Adf Rubber
JC64-00103A SCX-6320F Key
JC97-01839A SCX-6320F Mea Unit Hinge
JC97-01848A SCX-6320F Mea Unit P/U
JC91-00965A SCX-6320F/6322 Fuser 110V
JC92-01700A SCX-6320Fn Nic Pba
JC72-00795B SCX-6322Dn Cover Cass
JC31-00012C SCX-6345 Fan Dc Inverter
JC97-02259A SCX-6345 Roller P/U
JC97-02702A SCX-6345N Act Feed
JC97-02704A SCX-6345N Act Ready
JC97-02703A SCX-6345N Act Regi
JC97-02288B SCX-6345N Actuator
JC97-02687A SCX-6345N Actuator Dplx
JC96-03528A SCX-6345N Drive Main
JC61-01308A SCX-6345N Exit
JC96-03529A SCX-6345N Exit
JC96-03724A SCX-6345N Fuser
JC07-00010A SCX-6345N Lcd Touch Display
JC97-03623A SCX-6345N Lsu
JC92-01692B SCX-6345N Main Pba
SCX-V6345A SCX-6345N Maint Kit
JC96-03533A SCX-6345N Mp P/U
JC97-02277A SCX-6345N P/U Unit
JC81-03482A SCX-6345N Paddle Compile Short
JC92-01690B SCX-6345N Pba Main Mfp
JC96-03550B SCX-6345N Platen
JC96-03735A SCX-6345N Size Sensor
JC96-03749A SCX-6345N Solenoid
JC81-03475A SCX-6345N Stapler Asm
SCX-D6345A SCX-6345N Toner Cart Blk
JC97-02287A SCX-6345N Transfer Roller
SCX-R6345A SCX-6345N/6355N Drum 60K Yield
SCX-FIN11S SCX-6345N/SCX-6555N Finisher
JC96-04862A SCX-6555N Cover Open
JC91-00973A SCX-6555N Fuser
JC31-00100A SCX-6555N Motor Step
JC44-00159A SCX-6555N Multi Triac V1
SCX-6320R2 SCX-6620/6320 Drum

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