Samsung ML-Series Printer Part Numbers

Part #Description
JC72-00987A ML-1400 Actuator Exit
JC81-00395C ML-1450 Fuser Asm 110V
JC71-20901A ML-1450 Heat Roller
JC73-40907A ML-1450/Tge P/U Roller
JC66-00526A ML-1510 Feed Roller
JC66-00528A ML-1510 Roller Transfer
JC72-01231A ML-1510 Sponge Roller P/U
JC73-00140A ML-1510/ML-2250/ML-3051 Friction Pad
JC73-00141A ML-1510/ML-2250/ML-3051 Pad Cass
JC97-01034A ML-1605 Exit Roller
JC69-00846A ML-1610 Friction Pad
JC97-02176A ML-1610 Front Cover
JC96-03400C ML-1610, ML-1620 Fuser
JC61-01169A ML-1610 Holder Pad
JC66-00815A ML-1610 Kicker P/U
JC59-00023A ML-1610 Lsu Unit
JC66-00830A ML-1610 Roller Exit
SCX-4521D3 ML-1610 Toner Cart Blk
JC96-04540A ML-1630/SCX-4500 Fuser 110V
JC61-70911A ML-165 Exit Roll Fd Sp
JC61-70910A ML-165 Rail
JC72-41007A ML-165 Roller Fd
JC72-41008A ML-165 Roller Fd
JC73-10907A ML-1651 Rubber P/U Mp
JC81-00394A ML-1651/ML-7250 Fuser Asm 110V
JC72-00973A ML-1710 Adjust White
JC96-02733A ML-1710 Ela Unit Rx Drive
JC66-00598A ML-1710 Feed Roller
JC66-00564A ML-1710 Fuser Gear
JC66-00388A ML-1710 Gear
JC81-01692A ML-1710 Gear P/U Asm
JC97-01788A ML-1710 Mea Unit Clutch
JC81-01693A ML-1710 P/U Asm
JC61-00587A ML-1710 P/U Bushing
JC61-00580A ML-1710 Pad
JC72-00985A ML-1710 Plate Guide
JC70-00314A ML-1710 Plate Pad
JC66-00378A ML-1710 Roller Exit
JC66-00601A ML-1710 Roller Heat
ML-1710D3 ML-1710D3 Toner/Drum
JC96-02682A ML-2060 220V Unit Retard
JC96-02687A ML-2060 Cassette 550
JC96-02683A ML-2060 Ela Unit Pick Up
JC61-00636A ML-2060 Housing-M-P/U Abs Blk,V
JC61-00637A ML-2060 M-Feed
JC66-00540A ML-2060 Transfer Roller
JC96-02626A ML-2060A Reg Asm 220V
JC72-00991A ML-2150 Actuator Empty
JC72-41191B ML-2150 Bearing Shaft
JC47-00009A ML-2150 Clutch Feed Cardinal
JC73-00128A ML-2150 Feed Roller
JC73-00132A ML-2150 Friction Pad Mp
JC96-02693A ML-2150 Fuser 110V
JC66-00425A ML-2150 Gear
JC44-00052B ML-2150 Hvps
JC92-01488A ML-2150 Pba Main
JC96-03666A ML-2150 Regi Korea Not Returnable
JC73-00129A ML-2150 Retard Roller
JC96-02686A ML-2150 Roller P/U Mp
JC73-00127A ML-2150 Rubber P/U Grey
JC33-00012A ML-2150 Solenoid Main
JC96-00540A ML-2150 Transfer Roller
ML-2150D8 ML-2150D Toner Drum
JC73-00302A ML-2240 Rubber P/U
JC96-03105B ML-2250 Fuser Asm
JC61-00924A ML-2250 Holder M Pad
JC92-01595A ML-2250 Main CtRoller
JC63-00444A ML-2250 Mp Tray Link
JC44-00068A ML-2250 P/S
JC97-02034A ML-2250 P/U Mp
JC63-00447A ML-2250 Tray Exit Mp
JC69-00987A ML-2510/2571N Friction Pad
JC97-02669A ML-2517N Holder Pad
JC61-01717A ML-2517N Housing Pick Up
JC66-01251A ML-2517N Roller Feed
ML-00NB ML-2550 Ethernet Card
JC96-02693C ML-2550 Fuser 110V
JC44-00052A ML-2550 Hvps
JC96-02857A ML-2550 Motor
JC96-02725B ML-2550 Motor Main
JC96-04061C ML-2571N Fuser 110V
JC73-00239A ML-2571N Rubber P/U
JC91-00946C ML-2580N Fuser 110V
JC91-00946A ML-2580N Fuser 110V
JC44-00178A ML-2580N Hvps
JC93-00087A ML-2580N P/U Rubber Fr
JC66-01865A ML-2851Nd Clutch-Electric
JC96-04718B ML-2851Nd Fuser 110V
JC96-04718A ML-2851Nd Fuser 110V
JC66-01632A ML-2851Nd Gear (Fuser)
JC66-01638A ML-2851Nd Gear (Fuser)
JC66-01637A ML-2851Nd Gear Fuser 3
JC96-04733A ML-2851Nd Lsu
JC97-03062A ML-2851Nd P/U
JC73-00265A ML-2851Nd Rubber P/U
JC96-04743A ML-2851Nd/ML-2855Nd Holder Pad
JC66-01660A ML-2851Nd/Xaa Shaft-Feed Pom 6
JC97-03510A ML-2855Nd Cassette
JC65-00019A Ml3050/Ml3051 Term Crum
JC96-04387B ML-3051Nd Fuser
JC63-00446E ML-3051Nd Tray
JC63-00447E ML-3051Nd Tray M Asf F
JC66-02842A Ml3312Nd Transfer Roller
JC91-00947A ML-3471Nd Fuser 110V
JC96-04634A ML-3471Nd Fuser Drive
JC97-03082A ML-3471Nd Holder Pad
JC61-01978A ML-3471Nd Housing Holder Pad
JC96-03418B ML-3560 Cassette
JC63-00726A ML-3560 Cover M Rear Guide Up
JC96-03411B ML-3560 Cover Top
JC61-01217A ML-3560 Exit Guide (No
JC96-03420A ML-3560 Feed 2 Unit
JC81-03458A ML-3560 Feed Unit
JC96-03425A ML-3560 Feed Unit
JC97-02238A ML-3560 Gear Idle
JC97-02234A ML-3560 Holder Pad
JC96-03627A ML-3560 Hvps
JC96-03421A ML-3560 Idle 2 Feed
JC97-02233A ML-3560 P/U Housing
JC73-00224A ML-3560 P/U Mp Rubber
JC66-00931A ML-3560 Pressure Roller
JC96-03419A ML-3560 Retard Unit
JC96-02686B ML-3560 Roller P/U Mp
JC73-00206A ML-3560 Rubber Belt Feed
JC96-03406A ML-3560 Samsung/Xerox Phaser 3500 Fuser 110V
JC39-00458A ML-3560 Therm
JC96-03411A ML-3560 Top Cover
JC66-00540B ML-3560 Transfer Roller
JC91-01023A ML-3700 Fuser 110V
JC66-02764A ML-3710 Feed Actuator
JC66-02763A ML-3710 Reg Actuator (
JC61-01796A ML-4050N Holder Pad
JC97-02844A ML-4050N Holder Pad
JC91-00922A ML-4051N Fuser 110V
MLT-R307 ML-4512DN/ML-5012ND/ML-5017DN R307 IMAGING UNIT 60K
JC96-04015A ML-4550 Cassette
JC96-03957A ML-4550 Fuser 110V
JC96-03957B ML-4550 Fuser 220V
JC97-02631A ML-4550 Fuser Guide
JC63-01205A ML-4550 Ground Pad
JC96-04016A ML-4550 Idle Roller
ML-D4550A ML-4550 Toner Cart 10K
JC97-01130A ML-5000A Mea Unit P/U
JC97-01132A ML-5000A Mea Unit Sep
JC61-70932A ML-5000A Spring
JC96-05104A ML-5050 Main Bldc
JC96-05155A ML-5050Nd Fuser 2Lamp
JC97-03249A ML-5050Nd Holder Pad
JC97-03915A ML-5050Nd Lsu Dual Beam
JC96-05128A ML-5050Nd Rear Cover
JC96-02028B ML-5080I Fuser 110V
JC96-01729A ML-6060 Holder Tfr
JC33-00003A ML-6060 Solenoid
JC97-01324A ML-6060A Feeder
JC96-01730A ML-6060A Holder For Transfer Roller
JC74-00011A ML-6060A Pad Knock Up Mp
JC96-01647B ML-6080 Actuator Feed
JC97-01486A ML-6200 Holder Pad
JC66-02710A ML-6510Nd Gear Lift Id
JC66-02613A ML-6510Nd Ppr Empty Ac
JC96-01999A ML-705 Fuser Unit
JC96-02127A ML-7250 Cst Sensor
JC96-02034A ML-7300N Fuser 110V
JC66-40209A ML-80 Gear
JC61-00387A ML-9400W Pad
JC92-01441A MLC-500 Pba Main CtRoller

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