Samsung CLP- and CLX-Series Printer Part Numbers

Part #Description
JC92-01900A CLP-300 CtRoller Board
JC92-01718A CLP-300 Exit Sensor
JC69-00961A CLP-300 Friction Pad
JC96-03609B CLP-300 Fuser 110V
JC97-02647A CLP-300 Fuser 110V
JC96-03611A CLP-300 Itb Set
JC96-03990A CLP-300 Transfer Unit
JC73-00217A CLP-300 Yellow Belt
JC96-03611D CLP-300/CLX-3160 Itb
JC96-03611C CLP-300/CLX-3160 Itb Set
JC97-03036A CLP-310 Cassette
JC97-03024A CLP-310 Frame Exit
JC97-03028A CLP-310 P/U Roller
JC96-04840C CLP-310 Transfer Cart
JC96-05492B CLP-310/CLP-315/CLX-3710Fn/CLX-3175Fn Fuser 115V
CLT-R409 CLP-315/CLX-3175 Opc Drum
JC96-05874E CLP-320N Transfer Cart
JC91-00977A CLP-325 Fuser 110V
JC31-00025A CLP-500 Fan Dc
JC66-00470A CLP-500 Feed Drive Gear
JC66-00510A CLP-500 Fuser Gear
JC96-02796A CLP-500 Toner Sensor
CLP-500WB CLP-500 Waste Toner Container
JC96-02773B CLP-500/Mlc-500 Fuser 110V
JC92-01777A CLP-510 Exit Waste
JC96-03239C CLP-510 Fuser 230V
CLP-510RB CLP-510 Opc Drum
JC97-02304A CLP-510 T2 Roller
JC59-00020A CLP-550 Laser Scanner
JC63-00589A CLP-600 Cover Right
JC96-03371A CLP-600 Frame Smps 110
JC96-04239A CLP-600 Fuser 110V
JC31-00037C CLP-600 Motor Step
0604-001095 CLP-600 Photo Interrupter
JC96-04544A CLP-610 Fuser
CLP-T660B CLP-610/660 Transfer Belt
JC91-00970A CLP-620Nd Fuser 110V
JC96-04304A CLP-650N Fuser Asm
JC90-00932A CLP-660 Asf P/U
JC96-04498A CLP-660 Cassette Unit
JC97-02854A CLP-660 Feed Drive
JC39-00650A CLP-660 Flat Cbl (Not
JC96-04495A CLP-660 Fuser Lv
JC97-02892A CLP-660 Holder Pad Mp
JC97-02895A CLP-660 P/U Gear
JC66-01880A CLP-660 P/U Roller
JC33-00022A CLP-660 P/U Solenoid
JC96-04406A CLP-660 Ptb Set Duplex
JC95-01154A CLP-670 Cover
JC91-00968A CLP-670Nd Fuser 110V
JC90-00993A CLP-670Nd Holder Pad For Cassette
JC90-01182A CLP-680Nd Cassette
JC96-06514A CLP-680Nd Transfer Car
JC96-05454B CLP-775Nd Fuser 115V
JC96-04088A CLX-3160Fn Fuser
JC92-02039A CLX-6200Fx Pba Adf
JC97-03070A CLX-6240Fx P/U Dadf
JC97-03069A CLX-6240Fx Rubber Dadf
JC96-04867A CLX-8380Nd/CLX-8540Nd Fuser
JC91-01120A CLX-8650Nd Fuser 110V

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