Parts for LJ Enterprise 500 Color M552, M553, M577 - Click to Order

Models: Color LJ Enterprise M552N (B5L23A);
M553N (B5L24A); M553DN (B5L25A); M553X (B5L26A); M553DH (B5L27A); Managed M551DNM (B5L38A); Managed M551XM (B5L39A);
MFP M577DN (B5L46A); MFP M577F (B5L47A); Flow MFP M577Z (B5L48A); Flow MFP M577C (B5L54A); Managed MFP M577DNM (B5L49A); Managed Flow MFP M577CM (B5L50A).

Part Number Description
B5L34A550 Extra Sheet Feeder
RM2-5149550 Sheet Feeder Lifter Drive Asm
B5L34-67901550 Sht Media Tray
RM2-0007Cassette, Tray 2
RM2-7156Connecting Board Asm
RM2-7180Control panel (M552dn, M553n, M553dn)
B5L24-67903Control panel (M553x)
RM2-0084Cover, formatter
B5L25-67901Cover, front (M552, M553)
RC4-0213Cover, HIP (M552dn, M553dn, M553x)
RC4-0179Cover, left
RM2-0085Cover, rear
RC4-0178Cover, right rear
RL2-0098Cover, upper (M552dn, M553dn)
RL2-0096Cover, upper (M553n)
RL2-0097Cover, upper (M553x)
RC4-0214Cover, USB
RM2-7186 DC Controller PCA Asm for M552, M553
RK2-6027Developing Disengagement Motor
RM2-0019Door Asm, right
RM2-0078Drum Motor
RM2-0006Duplexing drive Asm (M7, CL2; M552dn, M553dn, M553x)
RM2-7154Environmental Sensor Pcb Asm
RM2-7157Estrangement Detect Sensor Pc Board
RK2-6124Fan, Cartridge (FM2)
RK2-2728Fan, delivery (FM3)
RK2-2418Fan, Fuser, FM4
RK2-2416Fan, power-supply (FM1)
B5L23-67903Formatter (M552)
B5L24-67909Formatter (M553n, M553dn, M553dh)
B5L26-67901Formatter (M553x)
RM2-0009Fuser drive Asm (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577)
RM2-0091Fuser drive Asm (M553n)
RM2-0077Fuser Motor
RM2-7125Fuser power supply PCA Asm
RC4-0183Handle, right
RM2-7122HVPS (D) PCA Asm
RM2-7123HVPS (T) PCA Asm (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577)
RM2-7134HVPS (T) PCA Asm (M553n)
B5L24-67901ITB / Secondary transfer roller kit
RM2-6545Laser Scanner
RM2-0010Lifter drive Asm (CL1)
RM2-7165LVPS, M552, M553
RM2-7164LVPS, M577
B5L25-67902Main Drive Asm
RM2-7138Memory Pcb Asm
5851-6436Multimedia Card Kit
RM2-0044Output bin
RM2-0016Paper delivery Asm (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577)
RM2-0092Paper delivery Asm (M553n)
RM2-6556Paper pickup Asm
RM2-0008Paper pickup drive Asm (M5)
RM2-0062Pickup Roller, Tray 2-5 (part of B5L24-67904)
RM2-0018Registration Asm (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577)
RM2-0093Registration Asm (M553n)
B5L24-67904Roller Kit for Cassette
B5L24-67905Roller Kit, Tray 1 Contains pickup roller and separation roller
B5L24-67902Roller, secondary transfer
B5L29-60001SATA Riser PC Board
RM2-0022Secondary transfer Asm (M552dn, M553dn, M553x, M577)
RM2-0090Secondary transfer Asm (M553n)
RM2-7133Switch PC Board Asm
CF360XToner Cart Blk High Yield (Not Returnable)
CF361XToner Cart Cyan High Yield (Not Returnable)
CF363XToner Cart Magenta High Yield (Not Returnable)
CF362XToner Cart Yellow High Yield (Not Returnable)
B5L37AToner Collection unit