Parts for LJ Pro M402/M403 Printers - Click to Order

Models: LJ Pro 400 M402D (C5F92A); M402N (C5F93A); M402DN (C5F94A); M402DW (C5F95A); M402M (C5F96A); M402DNE (C5J91A); M402DN (G3V21A); M403N (F6J41A); M403D (F6J42A); M403DN (F6J43A); M403DW (F6J44A).

Part #Description
RM2-5436Cartridge door assembly (NFC models M402/M403)
RM2-5390Cartridge door assembly for non-NFC models
RM2-7510Connecting PCA (duplex models)
RM2-8510Connecting PCA (simplex models)
RM2-5391Control-panel (non-wireless models M402/M403)
RM2-5424Control-panel (wireless models M402/M403)
RM2-8680DC Controller
RM2-5430Rear Door (simplex models)
RM2-5405Rear Door (duplex models only)
RK2-8068Fan, FM1
D9P29AFeeder, Optional 550 Sheet
C5F93-60001Formatter (M402n; M402dn; M403n; M403dn)
C5F92-60001Formatter PCA (M402d; M403d)
C5F94-60001Formatter PCA (M402dw; M403dw)
RM2-5528Laser Scanner
RM2-8684Main motor
RL2-0657Sep Pad, Tray 1
RM2-5671Registration assembly
RL2-0656Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RM2-5452Pickup Roller Asm
RM2-5741Pickup Roller Asm (550-sheet feeder)
RM2-5397Separation Roller Asm
RM2-5745Separation Roller Asm (550-sheet feeder)
RM1-4023Transfer Roller
RM2-5375Sensor Arm, Tray 2
0960-3293Wireless module

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