HP DesignJet 5100 Part Numbers

Models: Designjet 5100 (CG710A).

Part #Description
C6090-60112 Adapter for 3-inch paper roll (package of 2 adapters)
Q1251-60258 Air pressurization system (APS)
Q1251-60267 Belt tensioner kit - Keeps carriage belt tight - Includes pulley asm, pulley spring, wedge, and actuator arm
Q1251-60259 Booster fan asm
Q1251-60268 Carriage (scan-axis) motor asm
Q1251-69273 Carriage asm
Q1253-60066 Carriage Belt
C6071-60166 Carriage height tool
Q1253-60061 Center platen kit
Q1251-60279 Cooling Fan
Q1251-60317 Cutter asm kit
C6090-60096 Drive roller gear (overdrive gear)
C6074-60400 Drop detector (sensor) asm
Q1251-60280 Electronics Module
C6095-60265 Encoder strip - 60-inches
Q1251-60252 Ink supply station
Q1251-60316 Ink supply station
C6072-60192 Left arc Asm
C6090-60042 Left Trim
C6090-60102 Lever
C6090-60097 Lever support bracket
Q1251-60275 Line Sensor
Q1251-69269 Main Logic Pc Board
C6090-60314 Maintenance kit - Includes lens maintenance kit, carriage interconnect wiper kit, roller lubrification kit, and platen cleaning instructions
Q1251-60261 Media sensor
Q1251-60263 Memory, 128MB
C6095-60181 Pinch asm kit - Includes all required pinchwheels, pinchwheel mounts and springs (1 used) - 60 inches
Q1253-60039 Pincharm lift (cam lever shaft) mechanism
Q1251-69312 Power Supply unit
C6095-60182 Rollfeed spindle rod asm
Q1251-60257 Service station asm
C6090-60106 Setup printhead kit - Used to prime the ink tubes - Includes 6 setup printheads
C6090-60105 Spindle hub (Blue)
C6095-60189 Take-up reel core - For 60-inch version
Q1253-60012 Top Cover Asm (black)
Q1253-67801 Trailing Cable Kit
C6090-60272 Tube guide door and spring
Q1251-60260 Vacuum Fan Asm