HP DesignJet 500, 800 Part Numbers

Models: Designjet 500 (C7769, C7770); DesignJet 800 (C7779, C7780).

Part #Description
C7769-60410 Back platen asm
C7769-60409 Bracket Kit
C7769-60169 Bushing, Cutter
C4844A Cartridge, HP 10 High Capacity Black Ink - 69ml
C4912A Cartridge, HP 82 High Capacity Magenta Ink - 69ml, prints approximately 1400 pages at 5% printing density (USA)
C4913A Cartridge, HP 82 High Capacity Yellow Ink  - 69ml, prints approximately 1400 pages at 5% printing density (USA) -
C4911A Cartridge, No. 82 standard capacity Cyan ink  (69ml ink)
C7769-60382 Control Panel
C7769-60390 Cutter asm
C7779-69263 Electronics module - Contains main logic board, connectors for plug-in cards, connector for parallel interface cable, connector for USB cable, and cooling fan
C7769-60254 Encoder, Encoder disk asm - Helps provide position the information of the paper
C7769-60407 Fan
C7769-60408 Gear asm, Paper drive transmission gear kit - Includes two gears used to drive the paper drive roller
C7769-60373 Ink Supply Station
C7769-60385 Interconnect PC board
C7769-60394 Maintenance kit - Contains lubricant, gloves, cotton wipe, spring tensioner, foams, tubes, belt, encoder strip, setup pens, trailing cable, service station, cutter, and carriage - For use with the 24-inch DesignJet 500/800 plotters
CH337-67003 Media Bin
C7769-60289 Media deflector holder
C7769-60283 Media deflector kit - Kit includes three deflectors - Installed in front of pinch-wheels
C7769-60379 Media sensor
C2388A Memory, 128MB
C7779-60270 Memory, 128MB - Can be installed ONLY into the formatter board
C7769-60375 Motor, Carriage
C7769-60377 Motor, Paper axis
C7769-60175 Pincharm asm with wheels
C7769-60181 Pincharm lift mechanism (24" models
C7770-60015 Pincharm lift mechanism, 42-inch model
C7769-60378 Pincharm sensor
C7769-60387 Power Supply
C7769-69376 Printhead carriage asm
C7769-60164 Printhead setup kit - Used to prime the ink tubes - Includes 4 setup printheads
C7769-60298 Ribbon cable kit
C7770-60267 Ribbon cable kit
C7769-60412 Roller, Paper drive roller kit - Includes roller asm, bushings, gear on roller, transmission gear kit, encoder disc, end thrust (axial) spring, lint free cloth, rubber glove, and instruction sheets - For use with 24-inch plotters
C7769-60380 Rollfeed mount kit
C7769-60384 Sensor, Drive roller
C7769-60374 Service Station
C7769-60391 Service station bracket
C7769-60165 Spittoon asm, Left
C7769-60176 Tensioner kit, Belt