HP DesignJet 430, 450, 455 (E-size) Part Numbers

Models: Designjet 430 (E-Size) (C4714A); DesignJet 450C (E-size) (C4716A); DesignJet 455CA (E-size) (C6081A).

Part #Description
C4713-60182 Cable, Bail link
C4714-60181 Cable, Carriage asm trailing
C3190-40020 Cam, Bail lift
C4704-40070 Capping Strips, E-size
C4706-60082 Carriage Belt, E-size
C4713-60129 Clutch, Overdrive
C4713-60040 Cutter asm
C4713-60091 Front Panel
C6074-60460 Lubricant, Grease - For helical gear (Drive roller gear)
C6074-60460 Lubricant, Grease - For helical gear (Drive roller gear)
D3578A Memory (SIMM), 32MB
C4713-69203 Module, Electronics
C4713-60092 Motor, Carriage
C4713-60171 Overlay, Front
C4700-60042 Paper Drive Platen Roller Asm
C6071-60167 Printhead setup kit
C3190-60142 Service Station
C3190-80013 Spring, Bail
07575-80012 Spring, Bail gear support 'claw' spring

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