HP DesignJet 230, 250, 350 (D-size) Part Numbers

Models: Designjet 230 (D-size) (C4694A); DesignJet 250C (D-size) (C3190A) DesignJet 350C (D-size) (C4699A) .

Part #Description
C4713-60182 Cable, Bail link
C4713-60181 Cable, Carriage assembly trailing
C4705-60082 Carriage Belt
C4713-60098 Encoder strip asm
C6074-60460 Grease For Helical Drive Rl
C3190-60132 Idler Pulley
J2591A JetDirect Ext 10 Base T
0957-2340 Power Module, 100-240V Wall Mount
C3190-60142 Service Station
6040-0858 Special Lube Oil
C4713-60035 Starwheel Mount Asm

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