HP Color LaserJet 4500, 4550 Part Numbers

Models: CLJ 4500 (C4084A); -dn (C4094A); -n (C4089A); 4550 (C7085A); -hdn (C9729A); -dn (C9728A, C7087A); -n (C7086A, C9727A); -dhn (C7088A).

Part #Description
RB2-1282 Air Filter, Large
RB2-1283 Air Filter, Small
RG5-5163 Brake Asm
RG5-3309 Brake Asm, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5249 Carousel Asm
RG5-5502 Carousel Drive Asm
RG5-3400 Cassette, 250-sheet
RG5-5200 Control Panel
RG5-3228 Coupler Asm
RG5-5151 Cover, Left, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RB2-1206 Cover, Lower Rear
RB2-1205 Cover, Rear
RB2-1203 Cover, Right
RG5-5150 Cover, Top, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RG5-3809 DC Controller, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5254 DC Controller, 4500 (XXH and above)
RG5-3281 Density Sensor Asm, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5149 Density Sensor, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RG5-3811 Developing PCB, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5180 Developing PCB, 4500 (XXH and above)
RG5-5170 Door Switch Asm
RG5-5152 Drum Cover, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RG5-5232 Drum Drawer Cover, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5230 Drum Drawer, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5142 Drum Drawer, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RG5-5206 Drum Drive Asm
C4083A Duplexer
RH7-5176 Electromagnetic Clutch (CL2)
RH7-5178 Electromagnetic Clutch (CL3)
RH7-5180 Electromagnetic Clutch (CL4)
RG5-5135 Face Down Delivery Asm
RH7-1346 Fan, Large, 4500 (XXG and below)
RH7-1435 Fan, large, 4500 (XXH and above)
RH7-1407 Fan, Small
RF5-2092 Feed Roller, Tray 2
RG5-5117 Feeder Asm (XXH and above)/4550
C4084-6000x Firmware Dimm, 4500
C9130-6000x Firmware Dimm, 4550
C4084-67905 Formatter, 4500
C4227-69002 Formatter, 4550
RG5-5154 Fuser
RG5-3227 Fuser Motor
RG5-3285 HVPS, 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5165 HVPS, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RG5-3808 Interconnect PCB
RG5-5120 ITB Drawer Asm
RG5-3320 ITB Drawer Cover
RB2-1361 ITB Drawer Handle
RH2-5400 Laser Cable
RB1-9012 Lifter Arm Left
RB1-9013 Lifter Arm Right
RH3-2219 LVPS
C4197A Maintenance Kit
C7850-67901 Memory DIMM, 128mb, 4550
C4082A Optional 500 Sheet Tray
RG5-3810 Paper Feed PCB
RG5-3234 Paper Size Sensor
RG5-3816 Paper Size Sensor
RB2-0717 Pickup Roller, Tray 1
RB1-8865 Pickup Roller, Tray 2, 3
RG5-3325 Rear Access Door
RH2-5335 Ribbon Cable
RG5-5175 Scanner
RB2-0734 Separation Pad, Tray 1
RF5-1885 Separation Roller, Tray 2
RG5-3245 Solenoid Asm 4500 (XXG and below)
RG5-5119 Solenoid Asm, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
RS5-6210 Spacer For Rotary Drv Asm
RH7-1343 Stepper Motor
RF5-2076 Toner Access Cover 4500 (XXG and below)
RF5-3137 Toner Access Cover, 4500 (XXH and above)/4550
C4084-67909 Toner Carousel Kit
RG5-5209 Toner Cartridge Drive Asm
C4191A Toner Cartridge, Black
C4192A Toner Cartridge, Cyan
C4193A Toner Cartridge, Magenta
C4194A Toner Cartridge, Yellow
RG5-5247 Toner Level PCB, 4550
RG5-3300 Top Cover, 4500 (XXG and below)
C4196A Transfer Kit
RF5-2112 Transfer Roller
RG5-3900 Tray 3

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