Okidata B-series Laser Printer Part Numbers

Part #Description
43979001 B410/B420/B430 Image Drum
43993907 B410/B420/B430/MB460/MB470/MB480, Fuser 120v
53342401 B4100/B42XX/B4300 Rubber Hopping Roller
42209205 B4100/B42XX/B43XX Fuser Asm
43979601 B410D/B420D/B4400/B430D/B4500/B4600 Transfer Roller
44002201 B4400/B4500/B4550/B4600 Backup Roller
43329001 B4400/B4500/B4550/B4600 Gear HT
43653501 B4400/B4500/B4550/B4600 Hopping Roller Asm
43435101 B4400/B4550/B4600 Cassette Guide
43517901 B4400/B4550/B4600 Left Cassette Guide
42209612 B4400/B4600 Cassette Asm
43435102 B4400/B4600 Cassette Guide
43435701 B4400/B4600 Fuser Heat Asm
50233501 B4545Mfp Feed Asm Tray
50229301 B6100 Cassette, 250 SHT
58261701 B6100 Feed Roll Kit
50226301 B6100 Fuser Asm
50230060 B6200 Fuser 110V
50812504 B6200 Fuser Lever (L)
50812515 B6200 Lever Fuser Rh
53357001 B6200/B6300 Retard Holder
53355964 B6200/B6300 Transfer Chute
50229870 B6200/B6300,  Upper Tray 150 SHT
53355691 B6200/B6300/B6500 Retard Roller Asm
50421301 B6200/B6300/B6500 Sensor For Toner Asm
51251353 B6200/B6300/B700 Gear
51402141 B6200/B6300N One Way Feed Clutch
53355242 B6250/B6300/B6500 Chute Transfer
50229936 B6300 Cassette Tray
50230120 B6300 Fuser 110V
50231970 B6400/B6500 Fuser 100V
58284202 B6500 Maintenance Kit
58284203 B710/B720 Maintenance Kit
55085401 B8300N Data Pcb Unit
50224901 B8300N Fuser Unit

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