Order Lexmark Optra T610, Optra T612 Printer Parts

Models: Optra T610 (4069-010); Optra T610n (4069-010n)
Optra T612 (4069-212); Optra T612n (4069-21n), 4069-31v); Optra T612vn (4069-31e)
Optra T614 (4069-412, -41b); Optra T614n (4069-41e, -41n); Optra T614nl (4069-41L)
Optra T616 (4069-616); Optra T616n (4069-61n).

Part #Description
99A0089 Alignment Asm, Feed
56P1228 Bellcrank
99A1664 Bellcrank, Roller Release
99A1017 Charge Roll Asm Kit
99A1501 Control Panel
99A1954 Controller Board Asm T610
99A1955 Controller Board Asm T612/T614 non network
99A1958 Controller Board Asm T610N
99A1959 Controller Board Asm T612N
99A1956 Controller Board Asm T614
99A1957 Controller Board Asm T616
99A1960 Controller Board Asm T614N/T616N
99A1511 Cover Asm, Lower Front
99A1509 Cover, Left Door 1-Slot T610/T612
99A1510 Cover, Left Door 1-Slot T614/T616 NO LONGER AVAILABLE
99A1525 Deflector, Upper Pf
99A1544 Developer Drive Asm
99A1644 Door Asm, Redrive 250-Sh T610/T612
99A0276 Drive Roll Asm
56P0584 Engine Board Asm T610
56P0586 Engine Board Asm T612
56P0587 Engine Board Asm T614
56P0588 Engine Board Asm T616
11K0720 Envelope Feeder, Complete Asm
99A0803 Fan, Main
99A0126 Finger, Autosize
99A1969 Fuser T610/T612
99A1977 Fuser T614/T616
99A1970 Fuser Maintenance Kit 115V Optra T610, T612
99A1978 Fuser Maintenance Kit 115V Optra T614, T616
99A0954 Gear, Bevel With Grease Packet
99A0148 Gear, Idler
99A1502 Latch, Upper Cover
99A1822 Low Voltage Power Supply T610/T612
99A1875 Low Voltage Power Supply T614
99A0214 Low Voltage Power Supply T616
99A1531 Multipurpose Feeder Lower Deflector
99A1056 Pick Arm Asm (250 sheet tray) T610/T612
99A1530 Pick Arm Asm (500 sheet tray) T612/T614/T616
40X0070 Pickup Rollers
40X0076 Pickup Roller MP
99A1526 Printhead Asm, T610
99A1527 Printhead Asm, T612
99A1528 Printhead Asm, T614
99A1873 Printhead Asm, T616
99A0263 Screws Parts Packet
99A0466 Sensor, Toner Cartridge Level
99A0083 Separation Pad
99A0134 Shaft, Power Takeoff 250
56P1228 Spring Arm Bellcrank
40X0130 Transfer Roller
99A1536 Tray 250-Sheet Complete Asm
40X3351 Tray Option Card Asm

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