Order Lexmark Optra S Parts

Part #Description
99A0520 Memory Simm 32Mb Dram
99A0089 Feed Asm
56P1228 Bellcrank
99A0826 Thumper Card Level One
99A0171 Card W/ Thumper
99A1017 Charge Roll Asm Kit
99A1006 Controller Board Asm 3455 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
99A0187 Controller Board, 1250/1620
99A1002 Controller, 1625 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
99A0183 Controller, 1650
99A0139 Controller, 2450 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
99A0276 Dual Sheet Roller Asm
99A0030 Fan, Main
99A0803 Fan, Main (3455 only)
11K0681 Feeder, 250-Sheet
11K0688 Feeder, 500-Sheet
99A0126 Finger, Autosize
99A1192 Fuser 3455
99A0476 Fuser, 16Xx/18Xx Fuser
99A1190 Fuser, 2420/2450/2455
99A0954 Gear, Bevel With Grease Packet
99A0148 Gear, Idler
99A0220 High Voltage Power Supply
99A1823 High Voltage Power Supply 010/212/414/616/01N/21N/61N
99A0083 Multipurpose Tray Parts Kit
99A1056 Pick Arm Asm (250-sheet tray)
40X0070 Pickup Roller Asm
99A0076 Pickup Roller, Mp Tray
99A1229 Printhead Asm, 3455 - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
99A0065 Printhead, 12Xx/16Xx
99A1138 Printhead,1855
KIT-LEX Roller Kit
99A0263 Screws Parts Packet
99A0466 Sensor, Toner Cartridge Level
99A1930 Spring Bell Crank, 500-Sheet
40X0130 Transfer Roll Asm
99A0115 Tray Asm, 250-Sheet
40X3351 Tray Option Card Asm

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