Lexmark E260, E360, E460 Part Numbers

E260 (4513-200); E260d (4513-220); E260dn (4513-230); E360d (4513-420) E360dn (4513-430); E460dn, E460dtn, E462dtn (4513-630); ES460dn (4513-63W, -6EW).

Part #Description
40X5704 256MB FLASH, E360D/T650N/C734N
40X5348 Controller Board, E260Dn
40X5347 Controller Board, E360D, E260D
40X5349 Controller Board, E360DN
40X5350 Controller Board, E460DN/E462DTN
40X5373 Cover, Top
40X5378 Door Asm, Front Access
40X5399 Drawer, Optional 550-Sheet
40X5365 Duplex & Media Sensor Asm
40X5380 Duplex Asm, Complete
40X5363 Duplex Gear Drive CBM
40X5354 E360D LCD OP PNL ASM
40X5440 Feed Tires, Tray 2
40X5344 Fuser Asm, 110-120V
40X5400 Fuser Maintenance Kit, E460DN/X460DE
40X5387 LSU (Printhead)
40X5361 LVPS/HVPS Card Asm, 110-120V/100V
40X5367 Main Drive Gearbox (In Motor)
40X5368 Manual Feed Clutch CBM
40X5369 Manual Feed Solenoid
40X5366 Manual Input Sensor Asm
40X5453 Media (ACM) Drive Asm
40X5372 Media Exit Guide Asm (Redrive)
40X5370 Media Feed (Acm) Clutch
40X5937 Memory, 128MB
40X5939 Memory, 512MB
40X5397 Mounts, Front
40X5371 MPF Feed clutch, E360D, E460D
40X5358 MPF Tray Asm, E360D, E460DN
40X5451 Paper Feed Asm Tires
40X5360 Sensor Asm, Access Door Open
40X5385 Sensor, Toner Low
40X5364 Transfer Roll, Bearings, Gear, Spring (CBM)
40X5394 Tray 250-Sheet
40X5395 Tray 550-Sheet
40X5381 Tray, Primary
40X5382 Wear Strips (250-Sheet Tray)
40X5036 Wireless Card asm, E460dw

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