Lexmark C770, C780 Part Numbers

Models: C770dn dtn, n (5061-110); C772dn, dtn, n (5061-310); C780dn, dtn, n (5061-210); C782dn, dtn, n (5061-410).

Part #Description
40X5938 256MB DDR-DRAM
40X1454 32MB Flash Card
40X1929 40T shaft drive F/R gear
40X1880 500-Sheet Drawer, complete Asm, C77x
40X1455 64MB Flash Card
40X1938 Autoconnect cable Asm
40X1979 F/R backup shaft Asm
40X1808 Friction buckler and buckler housing
40X1611 Front access door support
40X1831 Fuser, 110-120V
40X0342 Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Kit, C770, C772
40X0343 Image Transfer Unit Maintenance Kit, C780, C782
40X1823 ITU drive Asm, C77x, C78x
40X1660 Jam access spring
40X1781 LVPS Asm with cable
40X1841 MPF door Asm, C78x
40X1626 Operator panel Asm
40X1732 Paper level sensing Asm
40X1741 Pick arm lift bellcrank
40X1724 Pick Asm 500-tray
40X0070 Pick tire, pick roll Asm (2 per package)
40X1778 Printhead Asm, C77x, C78x
40X1760 Rear hold down bellcrank
40X1636 Rear hold down spring
40X1652 Redrive belt cover duct
40X1638 Redrive cap cover
40X1702 Registration motor Asm kit
40X1692 S2/XPAR/NMS/MPF cable Asm (with sensors)
40X1678 Second transfer roll
40X5335 System board, network, C77x
40X1829 System board, network, C78x
40X1958 Transfer belt, C77x
40X1685 Upper door hinge
40X1677 Vacuum transport belt Asm
40X1800 VTB fan, 60 mm
40X1756 Waste toner container
40X1722 Wear strip