Order Lexmark C750, C752 Printer Parts

Models: C750 (5060-001); C750dn, -dtn (5060-003); C750in (5060-005); C750n (5060-002); C752 (5060-221); C752Ldn, -Ldtn, -ln (5060-234); C752dn, -dtn (5060-222).

Part #Description
56P1565 Black terminal contact Asm, C75x, C76x
56P2100 Cable Asm, S2/XPAR/NMS/MPF (with sensors), C752, C76x
56P1563 Card Asm - fuser drive, C752, C76x
56P1561 Cartridge contact Asm, complete, black, C75x, C76x
56P2469 Developer HVPS board, C75x
56P0168 Drive Asm, 500 option 2, C75x, C76x
12G6447 Friction buckler, C75x, C76x
12G6496 Fuser, NLA
12G6536 Guide Asm, right side, C75x, C76x
12G6562 Hinge, C75x, C76x
56P2848 ITU Kit, , C752, C76x
56P1513 ITU light shield Asm (autoconnect), C752, C76x
56P1514 LVPS, 115V/230V switchable, C752, C76x
56P2194 Nip relief handle, C75x, C76x
12G6344 Operator panel Asm, low voltage, Japan only, C75x
12G6565 Paper level sensing Asm, C75x, C76x
12G6553 Pass thru sensor, C75x, C76x
12G6558 Pick arm lift bellcrank, C75x, C76x
56P1526 Pick Asm 500-tray, C752, C76x
40X0070 Pick tire, pick roll Asm (2 per package), C75x, C76x
56P4330 Printhead Asm, C752, C760, C762
56P1540 Printhead interlock cable Asm, C752, C76x
12G6492 Redrive Asm, C75x, C76x
99A0450 Retainer, roller, C75x, C76x
12G6354 Rib housing, C75x, C76x
12G6303 Second transfer roll, C75x, C76x
12G6327 Transfer HVPS board, C75x, C76x
12G6488 Transfer plate Asm, C75x, C76x
12G6471 Tray interlock bellcrank, C75x, C76x
12G6494 Waste toner container, C752, C76x

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