Lexmark C520, C530 Part Numbers

Models: C522n, -tn (5022-210); C524 (5022-400); C524dn, -dtn (5022-430); C524n, -tn (5022-410); C530dn (5022-130); C532dn (5022-330); C532n (5022-310); C534dn, -dtn (5022-530); C534n (5022-510).

Part #Description
40X3619 Camshaft asm, Top cover
40X1872 Deflector asm
40X3600 Drawer, 550-Sheet Drawer, Complete asm C532, C534
40X1454 Flash Card, 32MB
40X1455 Flash Card, 64MB
40X3571 Fuser Maintenance Kit 100V, C52x, C53x
40X3569 Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V, C52x, C53x
40X1432 Gear, Bump aligner gear Parts packet
40X1875 Hinges, Front door
40X1509 Memory, 256MB DDR-DRAM
40X1433 Motor, Bump aligner motor
40X3582 Operator panel asm, C530dn, C532n, C532dn
40X3583 Operator panel asm, C534n, C534dn, C534dtn
40X3573 Pick mechanism asm, C53x
40X3579 Power Supply, High Voltage, C53x
40X3574 Power supply, Low Volt., 115/230 V, C53x
40X2168 Printhead asm, C53x
40X3607 Roller, Pick arm roll
40X1416 Sensor, Toner level
40X3616 System network card, C530dn, C532n, C532dn
40X3617 System network card, C534n
40X1401 Transfer belt asm, C52x
40X3572 Transfer belt asm, C53x
40X3599 Tray, MPF paper tray asm, 250-sheet, C53x

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